What's an Honor Troupe?

Doesn't your troupe need to be recognized with a big trophy for all of the work everyone does each year? Of course! Apply to be recognized and attend TALENT, our student leadership workshop in the fall, and present your troupe's accomplishments. Troupes are honored as Gold, Silver, and Bronze. There is no limit to how many troupes can be honored for each category!

Please congratulate the following Illinois Honor Troupes for their 2016-2017 status:

Gold Honor Troupes
  • Junior Thespian Troupe 88093 - Viking Middle School
  • Troupe 1156 - University High School
Silver Honor Troupes
  • Troupe 1955 - Leyden High School
  • Troupe 7338 - Belvidere North High School
Bronze Honor Troupes
  • Troupe 5213 - De LaSalle Institute
  • Troupe 8452 - IC Catholic Prep
  • Troupe 677 - St. Joseph-Ogden High School

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