Want to be a member of the Illinois Thespains?  If your are a director of an active Thespian Troupe, a current student of the International Thespian Society, or a professional member of EdTA in Illinois you already are!  If not, visit to learn more about becoming a member of an important and vital resource for teachers and students by either starting a Thespian Troupe or becoming a professional member. Please contact Jim Smith, the Illinois Thespians Chapter Director, with any questions.

Board Membership

Illinois Thespian Board of Directors is comprised of active EdTA members in the state of Illinois. Members may actively seek to be placed on the ballot for any of the board positions during an election year or be asked by the Board's Nominating Committee. Applications will be emailed to all active Illinois EdTA members seeking nominees. Active Illinois EdTA members will vote for candidates for each position. Board members serve for at least one four year term. Click here to view board positions.

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